Apple Mac Forensics

SUMURI and Forensodigital are the leaders in Apple Mac Forensics. We have taught Apple Mac Forensics all around the globe including USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and India. Forensodigital members are regularly teaching and supporting Indian Law Enforcement agencies for Apple Mac seizing and analysis. We provide “Vendor Neutral” training and do not lock you down with any proprietary tool. 

Training Highlights 
  • For most of the training content we just use Mac itself. 
  • All of the concepts are covered practically.
  • Up to date knowledge sharing about macOS.
  • Difference between Mac Forensics and Windows Forensics
  • Mac hardware identification
  • macOS File systems.
  • macOS directory structure.
  • macOS Security.
  • macOS artifacts.
  • Emails
  • Messages
  • Apple extended metadata.
  • Seizing different types of Macs.
  • Mac imaging.
  • Mac Forensic images analysis.
  • Using Mac’s inbuilt tools and utilities for examination and reporting. 
  • Dealing with T2 chip, Encryption and Fusion drives.
The training can be hosted at customer premises or Forensodigital’s premises. Please contact us for any training requirements on Apple Mac Forensics. 


Other Trainings…
Windows Forensics Training
  • Windows boot process
  • Booting a machine with Live bootable disc (PALADIN)
  • Imaging Windows machine
  • Different types of forensic images
  • NTFS Analysis
  • ExFAT Analysis
  • FAT 12/16/32 analysis
  • Windows Artifacts
  • Link Files
  • Exe Files
  • Shell bags
  • Windows Registry and artifacts
  • Third-party apps analysis
  • Bitlocker
  • Virtual disk images 
  • Data Carving
  • File Carving
In case if you have any custom requirement for digital forensics training, Forensodigital can help you with that too.